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Autumnz MINIX Double Electric Breast Pump Special Package

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1. Free Delivery to West Malaysia.  

2. Special Delivery Fees of RM15 will be charged for shipping to East Malaysia.  

It comes in all items your need to bring it with you out of home anytime.

Package includes:

1. Minix Double Electric Breastpump x 1 

2. Delina Cooler Bag x 1

3. Ice Pack (3 pieces)

4. Standard Neck Storage Bottle (4 bottles)

5. 7oz Storage Bag (1 box )

Product Features of Breastpump:

1) Anti Backflow Device :To prevent milk contamination

2) 3 Pumping Modes: Massage, Expression & Mixed modes for effective & efficient pumping

3) 9 Levels Each Mode: 9 suction levels to choose from each mode

4) Convenient For Double / Single Pumping : User has the flexibility to do single pumping or double pumping with extra comfort 

5) Mini and Portable: Compact to carry around at any point in time

6) Quiet Pumping: Low noise to prevent from disturbing your baby's good sleep and allow you to discreetly pump wherever you are.

7) Dual Power Source: Lithium-Ion battery or USB (Free power bank cable)

8) Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: Allow you to express anywhere conveniently with longer usage time

9) Smart Memory Function: The machine has a memory function. Massage mode will operate up to a maximum of 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, It will automatically switch to expression / mixed mode depending on the last mode you were in before powering off in the previous pumping. 

10) 30 Minutes Auto Shut Off: The pump will automatically turn off after pumping for 30 minutes. You can restart the pump by pressing the ON/OFF button.

11) Ultrasoft Silicone Massage Breast Shield: With comfortable massage bubbles design

12) Silicone Shield Size: 24 mm X 2pcs

(If you need smaller size shield for pumping, you can choose to use the 21mm silicone inserts provided)

13) Touch Screen with LED Display: Allows you to see the modes and suction levels clearly on the touchscreen

14) Detachable accessories: All accessories are detachable and easy to clean. Just take few seconds to assemble all parts

15) BPA Free: All parts that touch breastmilk are BPA Free

16) User Friendly: Easy to assemble, use and clean


Happy Breastfeeding!


Note: Comes with 1 year warranty period.