About Your Order and Payment

1. How should I place an order?

The order process is simple:



Submit Order


Step 1: Choose Your Product.

Step 3: Click “Choose” to select the size required.

Step 5: Submit your Order by clicking on “Check Out” icon. 

Please ensure you check the all the selected items and delivery cost required.

Note:  If you have yet to register as our customer, you may register once your have click on the “Check Out” icon.

Step 7: Your will receive notification once you have made payment to us.

Step 2: Read the Product Information.

Step 4: Click “Add to Cart” to place your order. 

Step 6: Once you have ensure all the details are correct, please click on “Place Order Now” icon.

You will then have your “Order Number.”

Make payment and send the payment details to order@motherlylove.com.my

Step 8: Receive your item.



2. What if I need more information about the product?

You may reach us via any of the following channel to get more information about the product:

  1. Email at inquiry@motherlylove.com.my
  2. SMS or WhatsApp at 019-3077777 /  012-2078076


3. Is there any other channel to send in my order if I do not want to submit via Motherly Love Website?

Yes.  You may SMS or WhatsApp us at 019-3077777 /012-2078076 to place your order.  However, please include the following information in your message to us:



  1. Your Full Name                                        : Susan Tan Li Li
  2. Mailing Address                                       : No. 133, Jalan 222/1, Taman Bahagia, 46000 P.J
  3. Product Name                                          : Bunny T-Shirt Baby – Yellow ,  Red Diaper Backpack
  4. Quantity                                                    : 1, 1
  5. Total Cost (Unit Cost + Delivery Cost)   : RM150.00
  6. Bank Name and Account Number          : Maybank, 000123456789



4. How can I make payment for the order placed:

You may make payment to us via online funds transfer or bank in payment method.   You may pay to:

  • Name: Motherly Love Enterprise
  • Bank:  CIMB Bank
  • Account Number: 8007844968


After making the payment, please send us a screenshot/scanned copy of your proof of payment for us to process your order. You can send the proof of payment by EITHER ONE of the following ways:

Once payment done, you will received a “Payment Received Notification” from us.  We will send an email, SMS or WhatsApp to you on your payment received depends on the channel you use to send in your order.

Note:  Please make your payment within 3 days from the order placed.


5. Is the unit price stated inclusive of delivery charges?

No.  The unit price stated does not include the delivery charges.  You may refer to the delivery charges stated. 

Peninsular Malaysia

Up to 1 kgRM7.50                    
Every Additional 1 KgRM1.50


East Malaysia

Up to 1 kgRM15.50                   
Every Additional 1 KgRM15.50

Therefore, you shall include the delivery charges while making the payment to us.


6. Can I change my order after I have made the payment?

No.  Once payment is made, you cannot change your order.


7. What if I sent in my order without making any payment, would you proceed with my order first?

We will proceed your order with the payment made.  Hence, you need submit your payment slip via email to order@motherlylove.com.my or WhatsApp at 019-3077777 / 012-2078076


8. What are the modes of payment available for my purchase?

You may make your payment via online funds transfer or bank in payment method. 


About Your Delivery

9. How do I know whether the goods order is already ship out from your side?

We will send you a delivery confirmation via email/sms/whatsapp once we have delivered your products.  The goods shall reach you between 3-5 days from the date of delivery confirmation sent out.  It will take a longer time for delivery to East Malaysia.  However, in the case of public holidays or other holidays or any natural disaster, such period shall be excluded from the delivery period.


10. What should I do if I have received the delivery confirmation from Motherly Love but I have yet to receive the item after 5 working days from the date of delivery confirmation sent out?

You may email us at order@motherlylove.com.my or send a message to us at 019-3077777 / 012-2078076 to check the delivery status.  


11. Can you deliver the item(s) to my office?

The item(s) will be delivering to the mailing address provided, i.e. including home address or office address.


12. Do you deliver during weekends or public holidays?

No.  Our courier partners provide the delivery service on weekdays. 


13. If I order more than 1 item, can I get your company to send the item to different address?

If you order more than one (1) item with one (1) order submission, we can only send the item(s) to one (1) mailing address provided as the delivery charges is charge with one (1) parcel.

However, if you send in multiple order submission with different address submitted, we can then send the item to different address provided.  However, please note that the delivery charges will be imposed on separate item, hence it is more expensive and not advisable to do so.


Cancellation and Change of Order

14. Can I cancel my order despite the payment made?

No.  Once you have paid for the items ordered, you are not allowed to change or cancel your order.


15. How can I change my order?

Once you have made your payment on your order, you are not allowed to change your order.

However, if you have not made any payment to your order, we can void your initial order and process for your new order.


Return and Refund

16. What should I do if the item that I received is defect, incorrect or unsatisfactory items?

We offer 3 days return and exchange, please go through the following process for return and exchange procedure:

Step 1:  Buyer to send us an email to order@motherlylove.com.my. or Whatsapp at 019-3077777 / 012-2078076, with the following information:

  • Your Order Number 
  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Number
  • Reasons for Return 

Step 2:  Buyer to post the item to Motherly Love Enterprise with the following details:

Attention the parcel to: Cindy Foo / Elaine Tham

Address:  No.13, Jalan Astaka U8/88B, Seksyen U8, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam

Telephone Number: 012-2078076 / 019-3077777


Please note that Motherly Love does not responsible if the item is lost or damaged during the transit.

Type of Return:

Type of ReturnDefectiveIncorrect Item

Torn item

Big Spot 

Buyer received a product that is not what you have ordered

Shipping Cost Motherly Love to reimburse the shipping cost for customer to ship back the item to Motherly Love

Motherly Love to pay the shipping cost for sending the replacement item to customer
Motherly Love to reimburse the shipping cost for customer to ship back the item to Motherly Love

Motherly Love to pay the shipping cost for sending the replacement item to customer
Buyer receives

Motherly Love to send the same item in same colour and size back to buyer.  If the item is no longer availble, customer may replace it with another item in equivalent value. 

Motherly Love to send the correct item to customer


Note: The below items are not returnable nor exchangeable:

1. Leggings, socks and shoes

2. Breastfeeding items and accessories