1.  The Buyer may request for the return or exchange of the Products within three (3) days from the date on which the Product is delivered if the Products are:
    • The product is defect when reaching the Buyer;
    • The product comes with missing part;
    • Motherly Love send the wrong product to the Buyer
  2. the Buyer may not be entitled to request return, refund or exchange in any of the following cases: 
    • The Product is damaged due to a cause attributable to the Buyer;
    • The value of the Product has been significantly reduced due to the use or partial consumption thereof by the Buyer;
    • Items that are not returnable / refundable nor exchangeable are leggings, socks, shoes, breastfeeding items and accessories.  
  3. All necessary expenses such as round-trip delivery costs for the exchange or return shall be borne by a party to whom a cause is attributable.
  4. In the event the request for exchange is made and Motherly Love does not have the relevant product in stock, the exchange is impossible, in which case such request shall be handled as return of the Products.
  5. The Buyer shall be responsible for all costs incurred in connection with any exchanges made, except where the relevant exchange is made due to defects in the Products, in which case, Motherly Love shall be responsible for round-trip delivery costs of such defective Products.
  6. If the Buyer fails to return the Product, or is not reachable (by telephone, email, etc.), within seven (7) days from the date on which the Buyer's request for exchange, return, etc. has been registered, it shall be deemed that the Buyer has withdrawn its such request.
  7. The Buyer may change his or her purchase before the Buyer has make any payment to the Product. Once the product is paid, change of order is not allowed.