What Do You Need  for Breastfeeding?

Items You Need for Breastfeeding
Why Do You Need It?
Nursing Bra
1) Basic Bra – Soft cup, unpadded, no underwired bra, clip attached
2) Comfort Bra – Lightly Padded, no underwire, soft fabric bra, clip attached
3) Moulded Bra – Moulded and    full support bra, no underwired, micro fibre fabric, clip attached
4) Sleep Bra – Super soft cotton, no underwired, without clip
5) Handsfree Bra – Assist you to hold your bottles and give you freedom to multi task while pumping

The nursing bra comes with soft and comfortable material.  The clip design at the front is for easy handle access, so that your breastfeeding process becomes easy and hassle free.
Nursing Pad
To absorb milk leakage.

1) Single Pump
2) Double Pump
3) Electric Pump
4) Manual Pump

Breastpump allows you to pump your breastmilk anytime and anywhere you need it.
Breastpump Bag
This is the bag to store your breastpump.  You need this bag if you need to bring your breastpump out of home such as office, shopping malls, hospital etc.

Any alternative to the breastpump    bag? 
Yes.  Any bag which can fit your breastpump nicely.  Just make sure the bag is always clean.

Breastmilk    Storage Bag
It is a double ziplock storage bag which allows you to store your breastmilk.  It save space and allows you to store more milk in your freezer or fridge.

Breastmilk Storage Bottles
BPA free bottles. You need it to store your breastmilk after expressing with your breastpump.  Get the bottles which are compatible with most standard breastpump.

Cooler Bag
To store your breastmilk bottles / breastmilk storage bag when you are on the go.  You certainly need the cooler bag if you plan to express your breastmilk in your work place.

Note:  To keep your breastmilk fresh, ice gels are required to put into your cooler bag.

Ice Gel
Ice gel is required to keep the breastmilk freash and cold.  You have to place your ice gel flat in the freezer till the content if frozen prior to each use.  Then, place the frozen ice gel in a cooler bag together with breastmilk bottles or breastmilk storage bag.

Nursing Cover
Nursing cover is required to cover your baby and your body while you are feeding on the go such as nursing room, office, restaurant and others.

Breastfeeding Pillow
Breastfeeding pillow is required to provide better support on your baby body weight while you are feeding your baby on your bed or sofa.

Any alternative to the    breastfeeding pillow?
Yes.  Any pillow which can support your baby comfortably.  Just need to adjust the height and position of the pillow to allow easier breastfeeding.

Bottle    Sterilizer 
Bottle sterilizer is required to sterilize bottles and parts in approximately 10 minutes.  All you need to do is to add water into the sterilizer and you are ready to sterilize your baby bottles.

Bottle Warmer
Bottle warmer is to warm the milk at home or in the car.  Just add water and adjust the settings accordingly to warm your baby bottles.

Any alternatives to the bottle    warmer?
Yes.  Just put a bowl of hot water and place the baby bottle into the bowl for warming purposes.  Monitor the temperature and time to warm the breastmilk.

Bottle Drying    Rack
This is to place your baby bottles and parts after washing the items.  More organize and hygienic.