Simply Write: Mothers Should Not Neglect Themselves!

Simply Write: Mothers Should Not Neglect Themselves!

It is common that we heard about the following conversation between mothers:

  • “I am not free today because I need to send my boy to his swimming class.”
  • “My schedule is very tight during weekends because my kids have activities from morning till afternoon!”
  • “I need to rush home for cooking right after sending my girl to her school.”

Mothers are busy with different type of reasons for their daily or weekly life. However, there is one thing in common, i.e. many mothers are rushing for their kid’s or family schedule but not theirs! I am saying majority and not all! How about their own life? I mean mother’s hobby, interest, passion and ambition? Did you remember once you used to have your own life may it be hanging out with friends, playing piano, singing, wanting to hike mount Kota Kinabalu and many more? Did all these hobby and interest just disappear or not important after you have built your family? Yes, I do agree that when you have a little one at home, your schedule will be affected but it does not mean that you can no longer have your hobby and interest in your life. It is all about time management and determination. There was once my friend told me that she is sending her boy to music center to learn drum every week. I then ask my friend why not learning a musical instrument while waiting for her son’s drum class, since she has interest in music too. Her answer is rather common “Oh, I never thought of that!”. I am not surprised with the answer given because it is so common that mothers are contributing all their time for their family and little one. They plan everything for them, except themselves. Again, I mean majority and not all. But, why can’t you own your hobby or interest for yourself? Plan something for yourself at least once a week! Why? I can share the following benefits with you, but the biggest reason to do that is rather simple, i.e when you are a happy mother, your kids and husband will be happy too! 

Benefits of owning your time for your hobby / interest:

  1. Stress Reliever – Get out of your routine life with the activity that you enjoy working on.
  2. Have Fun – Take a break and do something which is non-work-related task will help you to get out of your dull and routine life.
  3. New Learning – Get to know more about yourself and your talent. Guess what? The best way to teach our kids is to show them with our action and behavior. If you want your kids to keep learning and trying something new, you may show them by example.
  4. Not Wasting Time – Discover your own hobby or interest will help you to fill up your free time! For example: You may learn something while waiting for your kid’s class to end. The hobby can be as simple as reading. When was the last time you read? Many years back? Start reading if you still like it! This is also the best way to encourage your kids to read more.

Mothers need to play many roles in a day such as “driver” to your kids, “cook” at home, “teacher” when comes to their homework, “friends” when your kids are facing challenges and lots more. However, that should not be the reason for you to neglect yourself! Mothers deserve their life too! Make some changes today, “find” yourself, discover your talent or hobby and be a happy mother. Your kids are learning from you from time to time. Show them a good example and remember that when you are a happy mother, your kids are happy too! Why not growing up with your kids?!