Simply Write:  Me and My Lop Ear Rabbit

Simply Write: Me and My Lop Ear Rabbit

I have never thought of getting a rabbit as my pet simply because I don’t feel any special attraction to have them as my pet. Rabbit is cute but they are just not my preference till I met my neighbour’s rabbit. Yes, my neighbour’s rabbit came over to our house few months ago and enjoy our garden grass as his dinner.  The rabbit will always come over at 7pm and go back to his home, i.e. my neighbour’s house at 11pm, all by himself. 

What a brilliant rabbit!  My kids and I enjoy seeing him (yes, I have check with my neighbor and confirmed that it is a male rabbit) around having his “dinner” at our garden and we love to see him everyday. He is active and cute, plus it is a lop ear rabbit.  However, he stops coming over few weeks back. Yes, we miss him. I then decided to try my luck to look for a lop ear rabbit from the pet shop nearby my house. I am so lucky that I met one. I have never decided to buy a pet so fast, and I bought it the day I met my lop ear rabbit. There are 2 reasons that I bought the rabbit.  One, I am in love with the lop ear rabbit. I love the ears so much and really enjoy seeing them hopping around. Two, I know that my kids love the rabbit too.

Now, we have the rabbit at home and my boy name the rabbit - Pancake. My kids love spending time with Pancake. My kids and I have great bonding time to learn to take care of the rabbit together. As rabbit is very sensitive to loud noise, I grab the opportunity to train my kids to speak softly especially when the rabbit is with us. We learn ways to hold the rabbit. We brush the rabbit, clean his house, feeding bottle, bowl and clean his poop together every morning. My kids will also let Pancake runs in the garden (as his exercise) in the evening too. My kids and I are spending more quality time together.  In addition, there are other benefits of having the cute and fluffy bunny in our house:

  1. Sense of Responsibility – Taking good care of the pet is a good way of guiding my kids on the concept of responsibility.  It involves skills like cleaning, feeding on time and observing the physical and mental health of the pet.
  2. Stress Relief – It is a good place to hang around with the bunny after their school time and my work.
  3. Not a Messy Pet – Rabbit is relatively clean because they will clean themselves plus their poops are dry.  Hence, it is quite fast and easy to clean on daily basis. 

Taking care of a pet is a lifelong responsibility! It is a great experience that you can create together with your kids. It is also a great opportunity to guide your kids on the concept of love, caring, patience and sense of responsibility. If you think that you and your kids are ready to take care of any of small animals such as cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, fish, tortoise etc, do it!