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Simply Write: It Is All Right If You Are Going Through A Transition Period

“How do you feel after you have quit your full-time job?  Can you cope with your new lifestyle?”  These are the most common questions that my friends ask me after I have quit my full-time job.  I am not surprised when they ask me that because I used to be very workaholic to many of my friends.  Honestly, I went through a transition period.  At early stage, I was excited because I have more time for myself and my family, especially my kids.   I rewrite a new schedule, i.e. breakfast with my kids, send them to school, manage house chores, manage my small online business etc.  There are so many things to do daily.  I wasn’t bored.  

However, I noticed that I struggle when there are some head hunters calling me for new job opportunity with attractive remuneration package offered.  The situation gets worse when I need to fill in any application form.  I have no idea what I shall fill under “occupation”.  Housewife?  Home maker?  Stay at home mom?  In addition, my lifestyle must adjust according to the new financial condition.  Savings become more important in this stage.  I struggled.  

Guess what?  It is all right if you need to go through a transition period for any changes made.  It is important to acknowledge the feeling and changes made.  I decided to move on with my new lifestyle.  I noticed the root of the problem is “me, myself”.  One of my friends rightfully pointed out that “this is your life!  Unlike working a full-time job, there is a KPI (key performance indicator) for you to meet.”  Life is not just about working title, package, good lifestyle etc.  Yes, I can decide my own journey.  Let’s continue my journey in a positive way.  

Few months back, I met up with one of my friends who just quit from her full-time job to be a home maker.  She shared her struggled with me and I told her “it is all right if you are going through a transition period.  Let’s take the opportunity to find out what you want in your life.”  

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