Simply Write:  Full-Time Job Vs Family

Simply Write: Full-Time Job Vs Family

I started this blog for story sharing purposes. Hence, there will be no references and articles to refer to. This is also the reason that I don’t bother to give a very cool name for the blog and will put up a series of write up namely: Simply Write. Who am I? I am an ordinary woman like you and me. Completed my studies, work in a company that required lo…ng (long) working hours. Working used to be part of my life till I found my Mr. right and have my first baby few years ago. Nothing special, right? I totally agree with you. The key problem arises after setting up a small family. Shall I quit my full-time job and spend more time with my little one? This is one of a very popular question that required major decision making. Nothing new! I discussed with my friends about the pro and cons of quitting the full-time job and vice-versa.  

Guess what? Deciding whether to quit our full-time job is the not the only problem to solve but it usually follows by the next question, i.e. what should I do if I quit my full-time job? That is the T-junction that most of my friends and me were stuck at. Outcome? Some of my friends decided to stay in the company because they don’t like to make any changes plus financial is one of the key factors for decision making. On the other hand, some of my friends decided to quit and be a full-time mother.  This is certainly one of the toughest and busiest job in the world. 

It is actually a good choice. Some of the friends are like me, they decided to “do something” after quitting their job. Aha! The next question to this group of friend is “What can I do if I want something more flexible?” Sound familiar to you? Honestly, I have no answer to this question because I do not know your interest and strength. In other words, you need to have a conversation with yourself to find out what suits you in the market and able to fulfill your strength and needs. The good news is you are not alone and the market has changed. There are a lot of free lancer in the market such as accountant, designer, financial advisor, real estate agent, part-time music teacher etc.

For me, I am the founder of Motherly Love. I decided to venture into an industry that I am passionate, i.e. baby and breastfeeding products. Many of my friends ask me whether this industry able to create good income? My answer is yes and no. This is because it is all depends on the objectives of your business. Some just want to do trading and sell at better pricing and for me product quality and customer experience comes first. Well, income is another topic we can discuss later. I guess, the key sharing here is there is no right or wrong between choosing a full-time job or family.  

It is all about what you want in your life? Do you want to be more involved in your baby growing stage? Do you want a more flexible job? Or maybe  you do not like to make changes? Or you just like your full-time job? Once again, there is no right and wrong answer. Make a decision that fulfill your needs, be it social needs, financial needs, career needs or all of the above. Once decision made, do not regret!

For me, obviously I decided to quit my full-time job and spent more time with my little one yet able to do something more flexible. Mostly importantly, I think “worth it”!