Safe To Go For Pregnancy Massage?

Safe To Go For Pregnancy Massage?

Massage is a very common activities in Malaysia which helps people to relief stress, ease pain and tension.  Thai massage, reflexology, aromatherapy massage and hot stone massage are some of the popular massage that we could easily reach out to.  How about pregnancy massage?  Common? Safe? Can do?  These could be the questions to many mom-to-be.

According to few studies, Swedish massage is one of the massage which is more recommended during pregnancy.  What is Swedish massage?  Emily in explained that Swedish massage therapist will use the technique of “kneading, long, flowing strokes in the direction of the heart, deep circulation motions, vibration and tapping, passive joint movement techniques” on our body.  Swedish massage is a recommended massage because it is more gentle, avoid deep massage and suitable for people who are more sensitive to touch.  

To be safe, check the following before you go for your pregnancy massage:

  1. Always get a certified massage therapist who is qualified and trained to do pregnancy or prenatal massage for you.  A certified massage therapist in pregnancy massage has the know how on your position, your safety, prevent strain and watch out for symptoms of blood clots.  Hence, spending time doing some research on the certified massage therapist before and during your visit is vital.  

  2. Avoid going for pregnancy massage during the first trimester because the risk of miscarriage in first trimester is higher.  In addition, some of the pregnant women may experience morning sickness during the first trimester.  Hence, you may not be able to enjoy your session during the massage.

  3. Always discuss with your doctor before you start any pregnancy massage.  Understand your body, medical condition and listening to your doctor is always important!


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