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New Helpers for Breastfeeding and Motherhood

In the age of technology, new products that comes with more functions not only bringing new experiences to us but to ease our daily life, especially to first-time mother. There are 3 new products which comes with friendly and easy to use functions. These products could be a good helper in new motherhood.

Product 1: Warming Lactation Massager

Traditional Method:

Clogged ducts is common to breastfeeding mothers. Clogged ducts can cause pain, swelling and itchiness. It will also affect the flow of the breastmilk. The issue exist mainly due to breastfeeding mother does not thoroughly drain the breast while latching or expressing the breastmilk. Therefore, the breastmilk accumulate and block the duct. Common ways to relieve clogged ducts at home are using heating pad or shower with hot water, massage the breast before and/or after breastfeeding.  

New Product:

Now, there is a new way to relieve the clogged ducts with new helper – Warming Lactation Massager. Yes, you heard it right. Instead of using the heating pad, hot towels or hot water, we can now consider to use the warming lactation massager to relieve clogged ducts. The lactation massager comes with 5 different vibration modes. The vibration helps to improve milk flow and allows for faster letdown. It comes with warming function up to 42⁰ C. What’s more, this product is light and portable. No water, no heating pad, no towel required. You can use it anytime and anywhere with built-in rechargeable battery. Good products are important to breastfeeding mothers because it helps to relieve stress and allow more time to breastfeeding mother to rest whenever they can.

Product 2: Breastmilk Storage Bag with Thermal Sensor

Traditional Method:

Breastfeeding mothers can either store their breastmilk in the storage bottles or storage bags. To heat up the breastmilk for our baby, we will either use the bottle warmer or we will pour the breastmilk out from the storage bag to a bottle and warm up the milk with hot water in a bowl. Then, we will test the temperature a few times to ensure the breastmilk is ready for our baby.

New Product:

How about to use a storage bag that comes with thermal sensor? Yes, this storage bag indicated the readiness to serve the milk. You can put the storage bag in a bowl with hot water, and the thermal sensor will indicate whether the milk is ready to serve. The indications are:

  • Milk is Cold
  • Milk is Hot
  • Ready to Drink

With this new feature, it is more convenient to heat up the milk for the baby. However, we must not skip the process of testing the temperature. It is important to test the temperature prior feeding our baby.

Product 3: Baby Electric Nail Trimmer

Traditional Method:

Baby nail cutter is used for nail cutting. Not sure about you, but this could be a challenge to many mothers because the baby’s nail is very small, soft plus baby is active while cutting their nails. Some mothers will cut the nails while baby is asleep. However, this is not an easy process. Worst case, we accidentally hurt our baby while cutting nails.

New Product:

With a new introduction of baby electric nail trimmer, you can now opt to use a nail trimmer instead of nail cutter. Yes, it is an electric nail trimmer comes with different trimmer head size and type. It is in flat round shape. With that, the probability of hurting your baby is lower. The trimming process can now be easier and faster too.

None of the products are the best products. However, we cannot denied that technology did help to improve the products and bring convenient to first-time and/or breastfeeding mother. Do not stress out your breastfeeding journey. Get suitable breastfeeding kits to help you along your journey. Happy Breastfeeding!

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