Essential But Replaceable Breastfeeding Products

Essential But Replaceable Breastfeeding Products

To ensure our breastfeeding journey is smooth, mothers will usually prepare breastfeeding items in advance, so that they are well prepared for the new born to arrive.  There are some breastfeeding items that are essential but can be replaced or substitute by other items, yet able give you the similar benefits.  Here you go the list:

1) Breastfeeding Pillow Vs Pillows

Breastfeeding pillow is a supportive nursing pillow that encourage a good latch. It is a pillow in “U” shape and can lift the baby up to the level of your breast. However, it can be replaced by using a normal pillow. Yes, you may use a normal pillow to breastfeed your baby as well. I am sure you have tried to use a normal pillow to breastfeed your baby in the hospital after your delivery. Just do the same at home. All you need to do is to pick the pillow that gives you and your baby a good support. 

If you think 1 pillow is not at the right level to your breast, you may use two pillows and stack them together while you are breastfeeding. Just make sure you hold your baby at the right position and be extra careful if the pillow is too soft or you use more than 1 pillow to breastfeed.

2) Nursing Cover Vs Muslin Cloth

Nursing cover helps to cover your body while you are breastfeeding in the public area such as restaurant, park, visit to your friend’s or relative’s house etc. Nursing cover is made of lightweight material that is breathable. Can it be replaced? Yes. You can use a muslin cloth as your cover while you are feeding your baby.  However, you must make sure that the muslin cloth is big enough to cover your body. Muslin cloth is a loosely woven light to medium weight cotton cloth. It is breathable, light, durable and inexpensive. Muslin is ideal newborn swaddle, blanket, burp cloth and others. Hence, you may consider getting one muslin cloth as your nursing cover and blanket.  

3) Bottle Warmer Vs Hot Water

Bottle warmer is used to warm milk and baby food easily at home or in the car. All you need to do is to add water and adjust the settings to warm your milk prior feeding your baby. What if you do not have a bottle warmer? You may use hot water to warm up your milk instead of bottle warmer. All you need to do is to put hot boil water into a bowl and place your milk bottle into the hot water. It works the same, i.e. to warm up the milk. However, you may need to change the hot water few times if you want to warm up your cold milk. The process is slightly longer but it functions the same as bottle warmer.  In addition, it is more energy saving!

4) Breastpump Bag Vs Bag

Breastpump bag is designed to place your breastpump. It comes with a few compartments for placement.  Hence, it is more organized. However, a nice breastpump bag could be quite costly.  Can you use other bag to place your breastpump bag? Why not? All you need to do is to ensure the bag is solid, clean and well cover to place your breastpump. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly to reuse your existing bag, if any.

There is always an option or a choice on what and how do we want to make use of products for breastfeeding.  Most importantly, the products must meet your breastfeeding needs and make your breastfeeding journey smoother and easier.  All mothers shall enjoy the breastfeeding journey because you are giving one of the most precious gifts to your baby.  Happy breastfeeding!


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