Are You Pregnant?

Are You Pregnant?

Any signs that you are pregnant?

It is so common that women felt so surprised when they confirm that they are pregnant. If you are a mother, think about your last pregnancy. Were you shock when your doctor confirmed that you are pregnant? I am not too sure about you, but at least I am one of those! Why? Some of the common reasons are they are not prepared for pregnancy plus some of the signs of pregnancy will be overlook easily. Is there something we could observe? Yes, be more sensitive to your body and look out for signs.  

According to the Healthline “When You Should Take a Pregnancy Test” posted on 8 March 2017, the author shared that we shall look out for the following signs of pregnancy:

  1. Miss or delay of your period  

    You must track your period cycle in order to know whether you have miss or delay of your period. However, do aware that delay of period could also cause by other reasons such as stress, diet, exercise or medical conditions in that month.  

    Small Tips:
    I started to keep record of my menstrual cycle since I experience my first period during my teenage time. Do I record it every month? Yes, I do. Why do I do so? Because I am a clever girl? Of course not! I do it because my mother guided me to do so. Thank you to my mother.

    However, it is useful to keep track on your menstrual cycle so that you know whether there is any delay, miss or skip of your period. With that, you can provide more information when your visit your doctor during the medical checkup or pregnancy test. If you have not started any of your record, it is always not too late to do it now! If you have a daughter, guide her to do one as well.

  2. Menstrual cramps and breast hurt

    You may experience a menstrual cramp at early stage of your pregnancy. When there are hormones changes in your body, your may also find that your breast may feel bigger. These 2 signs may be familiar and easy to be overlook because it also appears prior our period. Hence, it is not surprised that we may overlook some of these signs.

  3. Feeling tired, wanted to vomit, frequent urination

    According to Hong Tai He 洪泰和 “Jian Kang Huai Yun Bai Ke” 健康怀孕百科, Zhong Guo Fu Nu Chu Ban She 中国妇女出版社, you may feel tired easily, wanted to vomit especially sees and smells certain type of food at the early stage of pregnancy. In addition, you may experience frequent urination than usual.

    However, different people may have different signs of pregnancy. For me, my obvious sign of pregnancy is the miss of period. With good track of record, I can decide whether I shall proceed for my pregnancy test when there is a delay in period. Get to know your body and start keeping a good record today!

Too early for pregnancy test?

One of the frequent ask question is “At what point shall we proceed for pregnancy test? 5 days after you miss your period or 1 month after you miss your period?” You may perform your pregnancy test 3 days after you have missed your period. It is easy to do your pregnancy test at home prior visiting your doctor. There are few ways of testing such as dip the testing stick into the urine that you collect in the cup/container or use an eyedropper to move small amount of urine and put on the testing areas indicated.    

When you are in doubt whether you are pregnant, watch out for the signs that mentioned above and do the test once you have missed your regular period. Earlier detection is better for planning for yourself, family and your baby.


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