5 Ways to Tell Whether Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk

5 Ways to Tell Whether Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk

“How do I know whether my baby is getting enough breast milk if I am not feeding with the milk bottle?” “My baby always cries after feeding, I think I do not have enough milk for my baby?” These are some of the common questions that breastfeeding mothers will be raised when it comes to breastfeeding topic.  Hence, it is important to know the ways to tell whether your baby is getting enough breast milk so that you have less stress during your breastfeeding journey.

Signs that your baby is getting enough breast milk:

1) Weight Gain - We cannot measure the breast milk when we are not feeding with the milk bottle, but we can measure our baby weight gain! Weight gaining is a good way to determine whether your baby is getting enough breast milk. According to babycenter.com.uk, most babies will lose up to 7 percent of their birth weight due to the baby’s body loses the excess fluid he tool in while he was bathed in amniotic fluid in your womb.  However, the baby shall regain it by the time they are about 2 weeks old. In other words, your baby shall be gaining weight after breastfeeding for 2 weeks.

2) Softer Breast – For you, your breast shall feel much softer after your have breastfeed your baby because he/she shall empty the breast milk.  For your baby, he/she shall look satisfied after each feeding is done.

3) Swallow – If we latched on properly (our nipple shall remain the same shape or not painful or squash after feeding), you can see and hear that your baby is swallowing the breast milk once you have let down.

4) Wet Diapers – According to babycenter.com.uk, your baby has one or two heavy, wet diapers in the first 2 days.  He/she should have more wet diapers there after if your baby is getting enough breast milk from you.  The baby shall have at least five to six heavy, wet diapers after he is 5 days old.

5) Feed by Demand – You should be feeding your baby whenever he wants and your baby shall be feeding at least eight to 12 times daily.

Signs to be cautious:

1) Lose Weight – Please consult your doctor if your baby continues to lose weight.

2) Breast Still Full – Your baby may not drain your breast after each feeding.  If you do have good latching position, your nipple turns red and sore after feeding.  

3) Unsettle – Your baby is unsettle after feeding.

4) Fewer Wet Diapers – The baby has less than five to six wet diapers after 5 days old and his urine is dark or not clear.  

Feed your baby whenever he/she wants is important to ensure he is getting enough breast milk.  In addition, you can produce more breast milk for the baby without toping up with any formula milk. Hence, it is better to keep your baby near to you, so that you could feed him anytime he needs it. Breastfeeding is a challenging journey, but it should not be too stressful if you observe your baby carefully on the signs above.  Don’t panic if you are not sure about your breastfeeding is going well. You can always consult your doctor or lactation consultant about good latching position and get advice about your baby conditions.  

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Happy Breastfeeding!

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