5 Common Questions About Breast Pump

5 Common Questions About Breast Pump

Breast pump is one of the essential items if you plan to breastfeed your baby. It is normal that we start searching for the so call “best breast pump” before we kick start our breastfeeding journey. Honestly, there is no best breast pump because technology keeps changing every day and every mother have different needs for the breast pump. Hence, we shall focus on the breast pump functions and our breastfeeding needs when comes to choosing the right breast pump for you. To make it easier, we have compiled 5 common questions that our customers always ask prior selecting the breast pump:

Question 1:

What is Flange Size? Does it Matter?

According to the article “How To Know If Your Breast Flanges Are The Right Size - finding the proper size for the breast flange is based on the diameter of the nipple, not the areola (the softer pigmented skin around the nipple”. It is important that when we place the breast pump on your breast, your nipple shall be in the center of the tunnel and have 3-5 millimeters -mm of room around that nipple. All breast pump comes with a flange size. The standard breast pump flange size/breast shield size is 24mm and you can find it in most of the breast pump brand. Some breast pump comes in few sizes to fit different needs, e.g. 27mm, 30mm etc. Therefore, you may measure your nipple diameter by using the measuring tape at the last trimester before your delivery. Then, you may start looking for the breast pump that fits your size.

Getting the right size is especially important because it will affect the output of your breast milk and the condition of your breast. When you are expressing with the breast pump, your nipple should be able to move freely with no rubbing against the sides. If it is rubbing, you may either adjust the breast shield (just in case you didn’t place your nipple position in the middle of the tunnel), or you can double check whether the breast shield size if too small for you. 

Question 2:

Shall I Get A Single Electric Breast Pump or Double Electric Breast Pump?

Both breast pumps can express breast milk. However, double electric breast pump is certainly faster than single electric breast pump because it allows you to express your breast milk at the same time. There is also research mentioned that double pump delivers about 18% more milk compare to using a single electric breast pump. Again, select the pump according to your needs. If you are a working mother who wish to express faster in the office, double electric breast pump will certainly be a better choice. 

Question 3:

Shall I Get A Second Hand / Used Pump?

It may not be a good idea to borrow or buy a used pump from your friends or other people because bacteria and viruses from the previous owner may get trapped in the pump. If you can, get a new pump for your breastfeeding.  You may use the breast pump from few months up to 1 year. In that case, investing a breast pump certainly worth the journey. If you really need to get the used pump, perhaps you may change all the parts such as tubing, funnels, breast shield and other parts that need your cleaning and just keep the motor of the breast pump.

Question 4:

What Brand Shall I Buy?

This goes back to looking for the breast pump that fits your needs. If you need a larger breast shield size, you may have to look around for the brand that provides other breast shield sizes. If you just need a standard breast shield size – 24mm, there are plenty of breast pump brands that you can consider your purchase. You may zoom into your needs such as manual pump Vs electric pump, then single electric breast pump Vs double electric breast pump, functions of those pumps and select the one that fits into your budget.  There is no right or wrong in choosing the brand, it is all about choosing the breast pump that fit into your daily needs. You may ask around the brands that your friends are using as a reference but need not compare if they are using the expensive version. Remember, breastfeeding is not a competition! it is a journey between your baby and you!

Question 5:

Is Higher The Suction Level Better in Expressing Milk?

Nowadays, breast pump provides many suction levels to users. However, the main reasons for providing the suction levels is to allow you to select the suction levels that best fit your needs. If the breast pump provides 9 levels, you may select the level one by one during the expressing session to find the best level for you. Again, everyone has different needs. Some sensitive nipple or skin may not feel comfortable when suction is too strong.  Then, choose the lower levels if that make you more comfortable.

In short, you must find a breast pump that fits into your needs, including the flange size / breast shied size, speed required, budget and most important is to ensure your pumping journey is comfortable!

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