4 Benefits Of Using Dining Ware Made of Rice Husks

4 Benefits Of Using Dining Ware Made of Rice Husks

Your baby is ready to take solid food? Great! That is another milestone achieved by your little one. At this stage, mothers are always busy looking for fresh, healthy and perhaps organic food for our kids. We will certainly select a nice, cute toddler plate, bowl or cutlery set for our children too. Plastic plate or bowl is one of the common choices made. However, BPA (bisphenol A) is one of the major concerns when we choose to use plastic plate or bowl. There are many researches has concern on possible health effects of BPA on the brain, including children using plastic dining ware. Hence, we start looking for alternative dining ware, such as BPA free products, glass products, ceramic products and others. 

Why Eco-Friendly Products?

BPA free products could be very light and portable; glass products has no BPA ; ceramic products is durable but are these products biodegradable? That means can we break down the dining ware into natural materials in the environment without causing any harm. Majority of the materials are not biodegradable but rice husks products are biodegradable. We found a dining ware that is made of rice husk. Yes, rice husk! According to the greenvolutions.com “The New Material Led to a Green Revolution”, rice husk is a kind of outgrowth of rice, and tough to handle. There are lots of plant fibers in the rice husks, the rice husk could be made as the material of natural, non-toxic, temperature resistance in our daily life. 

How to Turn Rice Husk Into Dining Ware:

According to the process, once we have collect the rice husks from the mills, we can then send it to the factory to turn the rice husks as the raw materials of making the dining ware such as plates, bowls, mug, cutlery set, spatula, chopping board and many more items that goes into your kitchen. The factory will use high temperature of molding into the dining ware products.


Benefits of Using Dining Ware Made of Rice Husks:

     1. Non-Toxic 

As agriculture waste, the rice husks is free from toxin. We use the dining ware up to 3 times a day. It is very crucial that the bowl, plate and other items are free from toxin! 

     2 .Can Handle Hot Food 

Rice Husks products can hold up to 120 degrees in temperature. Hence, you may certainly use the bowl, plate or lunch box for your hot soup, rice and vegetables. 

      3. Biodegradable

Glassware and ceramic products are non-biodegradable. Plastics takes up to thousand years to biodegrade in natural environment. Rice Husks products contain 80% rice husk and 20% starch and it will take about 90 days to biodegrade in our environment. Hence, it is certainly an eco-friendly products.

     4.Tree Free and Durable

These products are made of rice husks and starch. It is certainly tree free. It is also light and durable as the rice husks is tough! 

If we are concern about the food and drink that we intake, how about the dining ware that we use it every day to put our healthy food?  What’s more if we can now make use of the natural materials and turn that into a dining ware that is non-toxic, durable and biodegradable? Risk husks products is certainly a way to leave a better place for our future generations.

Here at Motherly Love, we care what you buy. Browse through our dining ware make of rice husks today!


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