3 Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Breast Pump

3 Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Breast Pump

With wide range of breast pump available in the market and all claiming the products are great to users, it leads to information overwhelming to new to be mother when come to selection of breast pump.  You may go through the following factors to assist you in breast pump selection:

1.Manual Vs Electric Breast Pump

Passion II.jpgManual breast pump is more economical and cheaper compare to electric breast pump.  Manual breast pump required you to operate the breast pump manually because you must keep pumping the breast pump handle to create the vacuum in order to express your breast milk.  It is light and portable because all you need is to carry to breast pump and bottles to express your breast milk.  As there are no electric items involved, you will also face less issues with your breast pump.
Electric breast pump is using the electric pump to express your breast milk.  It is certainly faster and easier to express your breast milk compare to manual breast pump.  It is less tiring when comes to collecting your breast milk because you don’t have to manually express the breast milk but the motor will do the job for you.  Most of the electric breast pump in the market comes with 2-Stage Pumping, i.e. stage 1 to “stimulate” your breast milk and stage 2 to “pump” for breast milk.  The technology can mimics the baby’s natural sucking behavior.  Different electric breast pump comes with different suction levels.  These suction levels allow you to select the right suction levels best match to your baby suction and your comfort level.  Highest level does not mean it is the best level.  It is very important for you to stay happy and patient when comes to expressing breast milk.  

2.Single Vs Double Electric Breast Pump

images.jpgBoth breast pump does the same job, i.e. the motor will express the breast milk from you. The major differences between single and double electric breast pump is the speed.  For single breast pump, you have to express the breast milk one side by another.  However, double electric breast pump allows you to express your breast milk from both side of your breast at the same time!  Hence, it is faster and more convenient. There is also research mentioned that double breast pump delivers about 18% more milk compare to using the single electric breast pump.  Hence, if you are a working mother and required to use the electric breast pump to express breast milk in the office, double electric breast pump will be a better choice.  It is less time consuming yet able to collect more milk.  You would not feel too stressful when you can complete the session faster and easier.  It is a win-win for you, baby, your colleagues and superior.  
If you are considering getting an electric breast pump, look out for those breast pump which able to convert to manual breast pump.  This is because if you happened to encounter any issues such as power source or faulty motor, you can still express your breast milk with the manual breast pump when needed.  In other words, you have a backup plan!

3.Usage of Breast Pump

If you are going back to your full-time work and you want to keep your breast milk storage high, you may need to pump at least every 4 hourly a day.  In other words, your usage of breast pump will be high in the office.  In this case, you may prefer to use the double electric breast pump because it can pump faster and collect more milk at the same time.  

However, if you are a stay at home mother and able to feed your baby directly by latching on, you may just need your breast pump occasionally when you are out of home, your usage of breast pump could be relatively low.  In this case, you may consider a single electric breast pump or a manual breast pump.  Again, manual breast pump needs more effort and work to express breast milk compare to electric breast pump.

In shorts, you may shortlist your breast pump by going through your needs.  For example: May is a working mother.  She is prepared to pay a little higher for the breast pump because she needs a breast pump which is faster in expressing breast milk.  Her usage of breast pump is high in the office.  Double electric breast pump is her better choice. She can now start sourcing for a double electric breast pump which suits her budget plus able to give her more value such as a double breast pump that can be convert into a manual pump, if needed.  With that, it will be easier for her to shop for the breast pump that suits her needs.  You breast pump shopping could be easy too if you go through your needs based on the 3 factors mentioned above.  Happy shopping and breastfeeding!

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